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This is the storey of the “State of Electronics”, a documentary about the art and science of electronics and how it coincided with the modern formation of our society. Electronics starts out as digital in telegraphy in what has been dubbed the “Victorian Internet”. It then changes state to analogue with advent of the valve and Lee De Forest’s “triode”, becoming Radio … later Television. Transistors change it’s form in the 50’s and 60’s into “solid state”. Integrated circuits herald another change with the miniaturisation of hardware and the “space race” in the late 60’s and 70’s. The advent of electronic calculators, computers and micro controllers bring about the true digital age, with computational and computer programming changing the “state of electronics” into both hardware and software. The internet is born, forever changing what electronics means to most. 



Silanna Semiconductor

In this special "in focus" episode of State of Electronics, we highlight Australia's only fab - "Silanna Semiconductor" - who compete on a global stage, creating "Integrated Circuits" (IC's) for niche markets. Through their success in combining analogue and digital designs onto a single die, utilising a materials advantage using Silicon on Sapphire, Silanna has produced "Chips" for major mobile phone manufacturers (including Apple, Sony Ericsson, Nokia), Many Satellites, The Mars Rover, the Cochlear Implant just to mention a few. Silanna has an amazing history having been created by AWA in Sydney, and despite incredible odds, continues to produce innovative devices that are radiation hardened and have many other advantages due to its substrate, materials advantage.


Bronte Howell

Producer | Careers Coordinator

Bronte works in education as a Careers & Pathways Coordinator, International Baccalaureate Co-CAS Coordinator, Prep to Year 10 Electives and Holiday Programs. She loves listening, learning, drawing, digital art, music, reading, coding and making jewellery from old electronics and rare silver cutlery. Download her CV here.

Karl von Moller

Director | Cinematographer

Karl is a Director, Cinematographer and actively involved in teaching electronics and programming, by introducing open source platforms, such as Arduino, to schools, in an effort to combat what he sees is a lack of understanding in technology today. Download his CV here


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