The Makers Road to Shenzhen

In this weeks episode, SOE follows a group of Electronic Engineers, Makers, Entrepreneurs and Startups on an innovation tour to Shenzhen China. The eleven participants introduce themselves and prepare for an incredible tour of Chinese factories, Maker Faire Shenzhen, the Huaqiangbei electronics markets and more. The group consists of tour leader Vela Georgiev, participants Andy […]

The Rise of the Maker Movement

The State of Electronics looks at the changes to hobby electronics and how that influences the broader view of the profession of electronic design and manufacture. The rise of hobby electronics through open source hardware like Arduino and other hardware such as the Raspberry Pi, leads to a significant shift in the development of individuals […]

Henry Sutton – The Innovative Man

Henry Sutton – an unrecognised inventor of an incredible assortment of things from the pre-1900 era. This special video is my effort to help get the story out there, for Lorayne Branch, author of the book “Henry Sutton, the Innovative Man”. She needs your help to get the book published. Please support her via her […]

The Dusty Years

     In “State of Electronics” this week, we look at the early years of “Electronics Retailing”. “The Dusty Years” is about the struggle for early hobbyists in the field of electronics, in sourcing components. It follows on from their initial steps in scavenging for parts at the Tip, council pickup days & donation of parts […]

The Story So Far

RECAP ON THE BEGINNING You may of read for the last number of years, Karl has been working hard on this new project, officially called “State of Electronics”. It is concerned with the history, development and future of the Australian Electronics Design and Manufacturing Industry. Partly fuelled by his own interests in Electronics, the documentary investigates […]

Getting Started

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“State of Electronics – Getting Started” This is the first actual episode and looks at how everyone got started in electronics, how curiosity began in a life long passion. Future episodes will cover a large number of topics including early pioneers such as Henry Sutton & Father Shaw, Telegraphy and Early Communications in Australia, AWA […]



THE HISTORY OF ELECTRONICS IN AUSTRALIA! Hello to all. My Blog has been quiet of late, simply due to the immense task of my current project! Now that my documentary covers the history of technological development in Australia, the task of researching information has been all consuming! I don’t think I realised just how big […]


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THE BEGINNING! For the last number of years, I have been working hard on a new project, tentatively called “State of Electronics”. It’s basically concerned with the history, development and future of the Australian Electronics Design and Manufacturing Industry. Partly fuelled by my own interests in Electronics, the documentary hopes to investigate the life cycle of […]