The xFactory


The x.Factory is a “Maker Space on steroids” according to some on the tour. We visit the collaborative effort from the Chaihuo Makerspace, the Chinese Government and Seeed Studios. if you haven’t seen last weeks special on Seeed Studios, you should watch it first: The HardworX tour group visits the incredible x.Factory, and discovers […]

The LIFX Production Line


Following the previous episode, SOE takes a walk down the LIFX production line, investigating how a modern, reimagined light globe is manufactured at scale. If you haven’t seen the previous episode, it is highly recommended viewing in discovering just how LIFX got started as a company, overcame design/engineering issues and set about finding a suitable […]

LIFX – The Beginning


The story of how LIFX began is this weeks episode of State of Electronics. Three guys (Phil Bosua, Andy Gelme and John Bosua) got together at Hack Melbourne (CCHS) and prototyped what would become a wifi controlled light bulb. At that time, it hadn’t been done before. A timely confluence of things allowed this […]

The Factory Tours of Shenzhen – Jiafuh Metal & Plastics


Jiafuh Metal and Plastics is a manufacturer who designs and produces moulds for plastic components out of a range of materials including Aluminum, Mild Steel and hardened “tool” Steel. They also manufacture plastic enclosures for electronic products, amongst other things, via plastic injection moulding. In this tour, SOE explores the Shenzhen based factory of Jiafuh, […]

The Electronics Market of Shenzhen


In this weeks episode, the tour group visits the electronics markets of Shenzhen China. Many of the group have never been to the markets before and what they discover is the worlds largest electronic component market! The sheer scale and size of the markets, spread across kilometers of cityscape is impressive. There is almost nothing […]

Factory Tours of Shenzhen – Defond


Defond started out as a switch manufacturer in Hong Kong, but moved to China to provide a large array of manufacturing services including SMT, Wave soldering, PCB assembly, Plastic injection, Metal stamping, Electro-plating, Winding, Laser cutting and printing. They employ the concept of LEAN manufacturing (to minimize waste), Process automation, Process qualification and control, Supply […]



In this episode, SOE investigates the reason why humans make things. We look at the importance of making things both from a practical need and a creative standpoint. Making teaches us about the real world … About materials … About mechanical and electronic things … About how to learn. Humans have made things like tools […]